Dual Monitors - HOW?

Ok, I'm pretty computer savy, but I've never done this.

If I were to buy another monitor, how do you set up dual display on one video card.

BTW: Here is mine: XFX Double D HD-685X-ZDFC Radeon HD 6850

1.) As it is a "Double D", and has 2 DVI-D outputs, is one for the primary monitor, and the other for a second monitor? (I know, duh!)

2.) What are the other two called "Display ports?" I don't have anything like that on any monitor I've seen.

3.) Off topic, I've been looking for monitors. I noticed that the new LED-LCD's only support up to 1920x1080. My 24" Samsung SyncMaster 245BW supports up to 1920x1200, and my wifes 23" Samsung SyncMaster 2343 goes even higher. Why is newer lower?

4.) If you crossfire, do you still plug into the same card? Or do you not crossfire, and use one card for each monitor.

I just want to know.
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    1) Yes, although you could use the Display Ports

    2) They are a relatively new type of connection, high bandwidth and can carry things like USB as well. They are the open standard equivalent to HDMI (which is licensed).

    3) That is because they are 16:9 aspect ratio, while yours is 16:10. They are also cheaper panels for the most part, you can still find higher resolution versions (Ultrasharp U2411, HP Z2040W).

    4) Depends, I believe that you can do either, although if you use a Display Port to DVI adapter, and you connect more than two monitors, it will need to be an "active" adapter.
  2. On #3, okay. I guess I coulda/shoulda done the math.

    On #2 & 4, I did just read that they make a "Display Port to DVI-D" (card to monitor) adapter. I'll look for them, I'm curious.

    a.) Is Mini-DVI the same (or just Apple)? See lots of DVI to HDMI adapters, no DP to DVI.

    b.) Advantages of Display port over DVI-D (you mentioned higher bandwidth, so it's really like HDMI)?

    Seems to complicated. I'll stick with DVI-D to DVI-D (card to monitor) for now. I'll keep that in mind, and remebber to check if the new monitor(s) I'd get have Display Port input, haven't seen ANY yet. My current one don't have either HDMI or Display Port, just VGA and DVI.
  3. A)Mini-DVI is not the same, it's a port only found on iMacs and Mini's, at least to my knowledge.

    DP to DVI active:

    B) Higher bandwidth, ability to carry sound and USB, and such, so yes, although DP can go even higher than HDMI, which is currently capped at 1920*1080 on most monitors.
  4. I've read that too, HDMI max resolution is 1920x1080. And most new screens the same.

    It's a shame!

    Thanks alot!
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