ViDock alternative?

HP pavilion dv4 -2045dx
2.2Ghz dual core AMD Mobility
HD Radeon 4200 Mobility integrated GPU

I want to know if there are any external PCI-E solutions that are alternative to the. ViDock. I want to use my HD RADEON 5770 1GB DDR5 with this laptop. If there are any alternatives, how would I power my video card?
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  1. Google "DIY eGPU" for a huuuuge (991 pages right now) forum post. It's got all the info you need.

    Notes: I was investigating this recently and you cannot do this on Vista. Your laptop needs to have an ExpressCard slot. The part that makes it all work is the "pe4l" (or the "pe4h"). It's a bit of a hack and you may need to mod your bios. All info on that forum post.
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