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I just bought the phantom 820 which should get to me in about a week so I want to have all my painting supplies picked up by then. What I want to do is spray paint the stock white fans to a UV reactive red. Does anyone know of a good reliable brand that is not overly expensive? Also, should I prime, paint, clear coat the fans or will that mess with the UV effect? Second, I will be redoing the wiring to red through either braiding or tape, which way would turn out looking the most professional? I don't want cheap products here in regards to the paint I want it to look good. Thanks!
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  1. spraying isnt the best idea. messes up with fan performance

    im pretty dam sure that the clear coat wouldnt mess with the uv effect

    braiding all the way. looks neater

    not too sure which paint to get. just make sure its not too thick
  2. Ya I would do braiding, but I never have done anything like that before and I feel that if I take out the connector pins ill forget how they go back in properly. So if not spraying hand paint the fans?
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    fans arent supposed to be painted over again since it reduces fan performance by adding more weight

    heres a good braiding guide
  4. don't they already make colored fans ?
  5. he wants them UV which no one as far as i know makes
  6. Leafed through that link and it seems like it would help a ton. I am thinking that I will do braiding b/c I think it looks better than the tape. Tape is kinda childish looking imo. As for the fan I might just abandon the self painting and buy red fans. Didn't want to do that but o' well. Thank you for the help "thebigtroll".
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  8. TheBigTroll said:
    he wants them UV which no one as far as i know makes

    should try gooling them............ found tons.
  9. a lot of them have LEDs. pretty sure he wants a plain one
  10. snip, snip, ... LOL
  11. not the best looking sight
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