Can some list some Compatible processors for my laptop?

I have a TOSHIBA Satellite L505D-S5992 Link:
And im looking to upgrade the processor cause its currently a slow 2.2ghz. I'm looking for something 3.0ghz or faster without breaking the bank (something not to expensive) Also a any other upgrades that would make my computer a bit more gamer friendly. Please don't suggest getting a different computer. Thanks!!
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  1. Not worth it in the first place and probably does not have much faster CPU available.
  2. Not worth it.

    Might as well buy a new laptop, nothing in there is really "upgradeable." The only suggestion I can make is get an SSD and be done.
  3. You might hit a couple of issues:

    1. The CPU is soldered into the motherboard. - If so then you basically cannot remove the CPU without de-soldering every single CPU pin.

    2. The BIOS may not support a faster CPU. - Meaning even there is a faster CPU that can fit in the socket, the laptop's motherboard may not recognize it.
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