GTX 580 running hot w/ KoolIT omni ALC water pump

Hey all,

I have a 580 GTX graphics card in my Silverstone TJ-09 case. I bought the KoolIT omni ALC closed-circuit water cooling system for the card when I bought it some time ago. I immediately noticed (months ago) that the card runs a bit hot with the omni ALC but since it didn't cause any problems I ignored it.

Now I am playing a video game (SWTOR) on max settings and as the weather has gotten warmer (room temp~76F) my computer has begun to freeze and crash.

I suspected the graphics card and using MSI afterburner found the temperature was getting up to about 100 C while playing. Even starting the game and viewing the "character selection screen" causes the GPU temp to jump from about 45C idle to 99C in ~10 seconds.

So I took the card out, dusted the radiator/fan, removed all the heatsinks and reapplied AS5 thermal paste to the GPU core. I stupidly removed the thermal pads from the rest of the card but I had an old 8800 GTX nearby which has thermal pads which perfectly replaced the stock pads I removed. (They fit exactly over ever component which had thermal pads before, and actually look a lot cleaner too...).

I reinstalled the card and found it idles at about 35C and when playing SWTOR gets up to about 90-95C but instead of quickly jumping to that temperature it slowly climbs over about 5-10 minutes. When I close the game i rapidly cools to about 60 and then slowly cools back to around 40C.

It seems like the card is still getting too hot, what am I doing wrong here?

Some info about the cooling setup. It's the silverstone TJ-09 with air blowing in from the sides and back over the graphics card. Another fan blows air down from the top and the KoolIT radiator/fan exhausts out the back. There are no other cards plugged into the MOBO and nothing obscuring the fans.
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  1. I see that my wall of text isn't getting much attention so I have a more specific question.

    The water pump of the omni ALC gpu cooler says it requires a full 12V to function properly and that throttling the voltage will decrease the pumps performance.

    I have the little 3-prong plug from the pump plugged into "PWR FAN 2" on my mobo. Is it possible that my motherboard is trying to auto-regulate the pump voltage as though it is a fan?

    When I open MSI afterburner it appears to be trying to auto-regulate the fan speed (with no effect because the radiator fan is auto-controlled by internal circuitry) so I'm worried it is throttling the power to the pump, thinking it is a fan.

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