Which coolermaster case to choose

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  1. Haf 912 is a little better if any.
  2. Haf 912 get's my vote
  3. Well if I could only pick from Cooler Master I guess I would go for the Haf 912 as well if I had to pick only from them.
  4. I'd say the HAF 912 is better by a pretty clear margin. The I/O slot covers are reusable and there are some basic cable routing holes.
  5. First full disclosure: I have the Elite 430 and have only seen the 912 as a friends build.

    That being said I do know that you can do better on a price for the 430, you should be able to get it for about $30 (if only with a mail in rebate). I also know that is a very good price on the 912 which is a substantially better case than the 430.
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