Thoughts and Feedback on $1000-ish build

I am building a gaming system for my fiancee. I'd like to have it ready to go by mid October. Awhile away, but I like to plan ahead a bit :)

So far, I have the case, which she picked out. Antec Nine Hundred (

I am strongly considering the Intel i5 2500K processor (
and AMD Radeon HD 7870 GPU ( Sapphire is what I have in my build, and it has done well, but I'm not too picky.
Neither of these are set in stone, but seem to be my current front runners. I do not want to Crossfire/SLI.

The Power Supply and Motherboard are completely unknown to me at this time, and that is where I would value the most input. I have read about issues with the 7870 and some configurations, but I am unfamiliar with the specifics. Obviously if I go with the 7870, I want to avoid this.

For RAM I tend to stick with Gskill but am open to suggestions from others, or specific gskill models.
I am considering using an SSD for boot and basic files and a 1TB HDD to store media and games. In HDDs I am a bit partial to Western Digital as I have has a few friends who have had very bad luck with Seagate, but again, I'll consider anything.

I am also considering doing a small bit of overclocking if I go with the i5. So if I go with the i5, I wouldn't mind getting an aftermarket CPU cooler. However, I don't want to mess with liquid cooling. Any recommendations there would be appreciated.

The budget is very loose. Ideally, I want to get the best possible gaming system for as close to $1,000 as possible, or under. Overages are okay if the benefits are worthwhile.
This is in the US and would be for 1920x1080 HD gaming. I think that covers all the bases. I greatly appreciate any input!
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  1. 2500k or 2570k are good choices

    so is the 7870 . 97 % of compatibility issues are people not knowing how to build a computer and then complaining its someone elses fault when they fail .

    whether any of these are good choices in 6 months depends on pricing , and on AMD'd piledriver cpu's which will be available later this year .
    Ask again a week before you buy
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