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So I'm probably going to build an new comp. soon with these main components:
HD 7970
Corsair 600T Special Edition
and an x79 regular ATX mobo (don't know which one yet).
I won't be doing any overclocking and will do lots of 3D rendering and modeling and some heavy gaming. I was thinking about doing a watercooling build because of my previous overheating problems with most of the computers I've owned. So really my questions are:

for my purposes, is watercooling worth it?

what will the price difference be between an air and water cooled build?

how much of a temp. difference will there be?

is it quieter than air cooling?

and is thermal paste needed on the processor when installing the waterblock to the cpu?

Thanks in advance. :) :)
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  1. Watercooling cost allot of money rather it's worth it or not only you can decide read the watercooling sticky it will help you understand it all and answer your questions
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