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i have a problem with my video card. some days ago when i was playing a game, the display accidentally freezes and after some seconds it goes to blue screen then restart. after that some strange vertical lines appeared all over the motherboard screen and the other texts in the black screen show up like symbols.
this was the first time i encounter this situation and at that time i just turn off the computer and
when i turn it on, all these problems where gone but again after i was playing the same game, the same things happened but this time it didn't fixed up and i had no choice except removing my windows 7 OS and installing a new windows xp. and now i still have the problem and beside that some strange blue lines appear in some places of my screen and its very slow in scrolling and other graphical works.
i cant install a video driver cuz the system goes to blue screen in the half way and the same scenario happens again.
btw i have geforce 7300 gs graphic card and wanted to know is there a way to fix this problem so i shouldn't buy a new graphic card...

sorry for long text and bad english..
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  1. Your english is better than many who ask for help here :)

    A 7300 GS is VERY outdated, and it probably wouldn't have much life left in it. Try it in another system just to check if it's the GPU or not, and if it is, get something like a GT520, which is nVidia's low end card, and is quite cheap.
  2. Sorry, but sounds like a dead card to me.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply.

    Yeah i think it's better to buy a new GPU instead of wasting money repairing this one and it seems my GPU cooling system is not working properly cuz the temp stays at 82C when i'm not doing anything heavy with it.

    btw can i install GT 520 to my PCI-E 1.0 mobo?
  4. As far as I know it's backwards compatible so it would work, the question is how large is your power supply, and what processor are you running?
  5. I have 500W power supply and an amd athlon 64 x2 4000.
  6. Should be just fine then.
  7. Is the fan broke then?

    A real 500W or junk? The x2 4000 will hold you back a lot if you are trying to game. I wouldn't go any higher then a 5750/6750 or GTS450. Even those will be pushing it. Might be better off getting a GT240 or 5670.
  8. no its fan less with gigabyte screen cooling and it seems it's not working.

    The psu brand is UMAX, i dont know if its a junk or not. for the GPU i just want a decent one that can last long enough, i'm not really into gaming, i just do a lot of renderings and game programming but its good to be able to play modern games with medium quality or lower. if you can recommend me a good and cheap GPU that can handle this its really perfect.

    BTW i have one more question that is not related to this thread. my system is speaker-less around 1 year and i decided to buy a good quality and long lasting 2.1 speaker. I dont know which one to choose from between these marks:
    Creative T3130, Logitech Z313, Edifier C2.
    can you recommend me a good one between these three or other marks.

    thanks in advance
  9. I'd strap a fan to it then. Fanless ones are nice but unless you have a good case with lots of air flow you could have problems.

    Umax? My guess is junk but if you aren't in the USA like I suspect then it could be a decent "foreign" model.
  10. I'm intending to buying one cuz 7300 cant handle many of the modern games even in lowest quality. do you have any suggesting GPU with the specifications i describe in my former post.

    and should i change my PSU to properly install on of these graphic cards?
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