Can't change fan speed with speed fan

I recently installed this fan

and at 2600rpm it's extremely loud.

I tried reducing the speeds with Speedfan but any changes I make don't seem to affect it. Speedfan recognizes it and calls it Fan1, but at the bottom it only lists Pwm1, Pwm2, Pwm3. Changing the percents on those doesn't do anything to the fan speed.

My mobo is a Foxconn M7PMX-s

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  1. You usually can't change the CPU fan speed unless you go into your BIOs and maybe disable automatic control of it by the motherboard.
  2. I'm pretty sure I disable automatic fan control (or smart fan control) in BIOS, but I still can't change fan speed
  3. Disabling automatic/smartfan control has the opposite effect, in which it makes the fan run full blast all the time. But the point is moot as that fan uses a 3 wire header. (the 4th wire generally being the one that allows the motherboard or the user to altar the fan speed)
  4. But my previous CPU fan was also a 3-pin one. I was able to change the speeds on that one.
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