Which cpu cooler

which cpu cooler is better i m taking these one
zalman cnps 9900 max cooler
cooler master hyper 2121 evo
which one is better for fx 8150
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  1. I've read good reviews about the cooler master hyper 212 series. It also seems to be in good standing with the other people in this forum.

    Never heard of the other one, try putting the exact model number and name in google with the word review after it. To check them out and compare.

    Edit: I just read some reviews, hyper seems to give better cooling. Both will be better than intel or amd's stock coolers.
  2. The hyper 212 evo is great if it fits in your case.
  3. ok how about noctua dh 14 i have corsair 400 r mid tower case will it fit on mine i considering from friend
  4. The hyper 212 EVO is for smaller overclocks (if you know what i mean) if your going all out and go hardcore with it, then the Noctua dh-14 is better to be honest. The evo is huge though and doesn't fit in some cases.
    And then there is that large gap of pricing. For most people i would just recommend the 212EVO its cooling is great and isn't loud at all.
  5. yeah but i got a good deal with lower price and better performance will noctua dh 14 fit in my case corsair 400r carbide series because currently my fx 8150 is on stock but i dont want oc it but may be in future so the noctua dh 14 is good for it or not
  6. Smaller overclocks? I had my 2500k@4.5ghz on the hyper 212 with only 1 fan.
    It should fit in your case
  7. The noctua dh14 is a great air cooler. If you have the chance to get it cheap then go for it.
  8. so the noctua dh 14 is great for mine fx 8150
  9. The Noctua dh-14 is good for the cpu even if your not going to overclock. If you have the money then buy it! It beats the 212EVO but like i said not really necessary.

    Yes the cooler (noctua) will fit! Noctua's nh-d14 spec's is 160mm tall. The 400r has roughly 185mm space CPU-side panel. No problems there.
  10. Flint, i meant its not top of the line, obviously you can overclock the hell out of it! But there are better coolers that can handle the temps more is what i meant
  11. But there are better coolers that can handle the temps more is what i meant
    what u mean for corsair h 80
  12. monu_08 said:
    so the noctua dh 14 is great for mine fx 8150

    As long as you have all the mounting brackets it should fit just fine.they should have come with the cooler
  13. If you want a closed water loop for cheap the kuhler 620 from antech is good. The h70 is the lowest I'd go with the corsair coolers
    All in all the dh14 will work about as well as the ones I listed above
  14. hmm i dont know that to do considering noctua dh14 or water cooler
  15. The main advantage that made me switch to liquid was the weight is transferred to the rear of your case and not hanging on your motherboard. Also it moves the heat from a centralized location in your case to the rear and out.
  16. I have the kuhler 620 from antech with push/pull and it is great
  17. From the ones you mention i think best is evo 212 (both price and performance, especially because it will block less the air flow around other components).

    I would suggest you check more in depth other options.
    There are great coolers out there (in both performance and design), that are less known yet far more interesting.

    The most important part, make sure it will be comaptible with what you already have (if unsure, google some guide about cpu cooler compatibility).

    Prolimatech had some good coolers if i remmber right. I dont suggest Noctuas except their flagship (Dh-14 i belive?) other noctua coolers are actually quite bad compared to high end cooling solutions as far as i know.

    Finally, i would also suggest you invest in at least a "decent" Thermal paste.
    Personally i use arctic silver 5 since its good (not best but close to best) and easy to find. Most poeple will say that thermal paste is only about 2-3 C diffrence, but if you apply it well on a good cooler, the results scale quite nicely (for my CPU was a 8 C diffrence, for GPUs was 20C diffrence).

    On the other hand, if you want to go water cooling, i suggest you read A LOT about it before you make that move. Its best cooling ever (im not going back from my watercooling system), but it requires presicion and care or it can destroy your PC!!
  18. If op goes with a pre filled loop from antech or corsair then the worry about upkeep and maintenance as well as the chance of ruining their system isnt an issue. Plug it in, run it. That's about it
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