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hi guys
i have a problem if some one can help me with it..
i got Intel Core i3 2120, Intel DH61ZE ... when ever i play games in it it hit over 60*C and at full load 71*c(by test) my cpu fan dont change it speed always from 1028-1058 RPM ...so how to deal with the fan ??
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  1. check your bios cpu fan speed settings.
  2. but the option is not there ..i search :(
  3. there is option for fan but i dont no how to set it ...
  4. in the bios you can change the setting .. or you can download your motherboard utility software
  5. motherboard utility i got tht ..in the bios setting i did manual and use speed fan to contral it i can do there setting 20% to 100% but i want it auto so i did the limit 40%lowest and 100% higest with auto*. if i give full load it work only at 40% ...??? i want the fan to run auto..when ever it get hot it should cool it down ..any other way ??
  6. done ....got the sollution :)
  7. :)
  8. fireboy said:
    done ....got the sollution :)

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