How to get Max airflow out of my Source 210

I have five fans. And it just so happens I have five places to put them. :D

I have one 1200 Rpm fan, and four 2000Rpm fans. I have a side mounting spot where my graphics card is located. I thought putting two 2000Rpm fans as intake in the very front. Then have my evo facing the front of the case (intake obviously)

Then having one 2000rpm that's infront of the evo as intake, and the one behind it as exhaust. Then of course the stock fan in the back is going to be exhaust.

Graphics card with the 1200rpm.(7950 Saphire)

This is my first build so I'm trying to get the most details as possible. Thanks! :D
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  1. Most people go with the configuration of Intake in the front and bottom, Exaust out back and top.
    Of course this is just of personal preference.
    I don't think blowing an intake fan onto the graphics card would help that much. The GPUs fan(s) will be blowing out so i think it would be better to assist the air out of the case instead of throw it back on top of it.
    Don't forget to take into account the CPU fan too.
    Heres the most common configuration:

    Hope this helps
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