How Many CPU Cores is Enough for Gaming

How Many CPU Cores is Enough for Gaming
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  1. 2 is doable, with some bottleneck at some games, all while still playable.

    4 is preferable and optimal.

    6 may or may not benefit a few games.,3120-9.html
  2. 4 is sufficient
  3. At the current stage, 2 for most games, 3+ for a few. What matters is how efficient the cores actually are.
    More cores allow you to run more things same time, not run faster games (as a general rule).
    Note that when i say 2 cores i mean "just the game" skipping OS and other running programs. This is why 4 cores are mostly used now, 2 for a game 1 for windows, 1 idle/side programs.
  4. As above, generally a game will use one or two, but then other stuff is going on in the background. Also generally speaking CPUs that only have 2, wont have 2 that are good enough. I think what you might be curious about is 8 core cpus. I had someone try and sell me one on this point when i first built my rig, but a little research proved that it wasnt needed.
  5. Most games, 2 cores.

    Some games like Battlefield 3 (multiplayer), Anno 2070, ... 4 cores.

    More cores are not needed for games.
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    Yeah 3 or 4 is ample. That being said, I bought a quad core when dual core was ample (for future proofing with coming-up games being better optimised for multi-threading) and it really paid off. It's hard to know how many cores will be utilised by future games.
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