How to create wifi with wired modem router? Help..

Hi, is it "possible to create a wifi" or make my dekstop using hardwire connection, a hotspot? (Without buying a wireless router/modem/card)
I mean, is there a tweak or program I can download to configure my desktop running on Windows 7 to create wi-fi?
The reason why I'm interested in this it's because, for bluetooth, it's possible. Just wondering if they have the same nature with Wifi (In terms of configuration and tweaks).... ^^,
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  1. yes as long as you have a wireless network card in you computer
  2. Thanks. How's the connection going to be? How's the set-up?
    The router modem is connected to my PC via ethernet at the back of the CPU tower.
  3. Anyone? Please?
  4. look into ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) it is in the network and sharing center
  5. I'm using windows 7 and I don't have any clue on where to go or how to configure it since I don't even know if it's possible. Please be more specific. I am not an advance user to this nature. Start it by answering if it's possible or not, for me to stop searching online :(
  6. if you have a network card connected to your modem and a wireless network card then YES you can create a wireless access point
  7. All I have is a PC running on windows 7 hardwired to my modem router. I don't have a wireless usb card. I guess, it's not possible then.
    Nothing, I just thought of it, because 4years ago, you can connect your phone to share files with your desktop "hardwired", via "bluetooth" (transfer songs from PC to phone via bluetooth). So, I though of researching if there's a tweak or a program that can be downloaded to work like that of bluetooth but this time, a wifi software taking advantage of DSL hardwire internet connection of my ISP.
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