I need Help for my new build

Hi everybody i need help to finally decide what i should buy. I want a new pc that could run games like BF3 in a 19" monitor(i already have the monitor) at good fps. And also a pc that dont have to be changed for 3 years or more.

My first build is:
processor: core i3-2120
mobo: asus p8z77-m pro
ram:DR3 1333 Mhz (2x4Gb) Gskill Sniper CL9 or DDR3 1600 Mhz (2x4Gb) Gskill Sniper CL9 1.25v
hdd: 1tb wd caviar black
gpu: asus gtx 550ti

So, i dont know if the mobo is ok,cuz i probably upgrade the procesor at the end of the year for a i5 or i7 3570K IB (in that case the 1600mhz ram would be better?). I want usb3.0 ports and thats things. Or the mobo is not justified cuz in one year there will be another processor technologies? (like haswell or something like that).

thanks a lot for any help.

p.d.: sorry for my english.
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  1. cut the RAM to 2 x2 gig

    and get a radeon 6870 which should max BF3 at that resolution
  2. what is your budget? I highly suggest you go for a core 2 quad or an i5 for 3 years future proofing. Depending on your resolution i dont think the 550 ti will give you high settings above 1280x900. I suggest a GTX 460. if you can find one then go for the GTX 285.
  3. i cant buy from amazon,newegg,etc because i live in south america,and the diferences in prices and availability is very great.

    i was looking a lot in the market here,i think i will choose the radeon 6870 gpu.

    sapphire hd6870 at $1355(equal to 297 dolars) http://www.newh4rd.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=42_55&product_id=413
    msi gtx 550 ti at $873 (equal to 191 dolars) http://www.datanex.com.ar/hardware/placas-de-video/nvidia/msi-gtx550-ti-1gb.html

    the asus gtx550ti version is 30dolars expensive than msi version.

    the best choice is the sapphire hd6870 right?

    thanks in advance
  4. the 6870 is much more powerful than a 550 ti
  5. thanks guys i will go for the radeon one.
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