CPU Heatsink and Fan Question

Will this Aftermarket CPU Cooler:


fit in my case:

NZXT Guardian 921 RB


Other info:

I'm new to building a computer, this is my first one, been stuck with a 7 year old prebuilt HP, time for a replacement.

I plan on adding inside the case

2x 8g RAM chips (16g total)

i want to keep the side fan on the case.

I do not plan to overclock now but i might in the future.

if this Heatsink/fan wont fit can someone suggest me one thats quiet/red LED's/That will fit/not super Expensive.

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  1. From the linked sites:

    Heatsink Dimensions
    94(L) x 131(W) x 152(H)mm

    Case Dimensions:
    20.6" x 18.1" x 8.1"

    OK, so I've got to convert those inches to cm:

    8.1 in = 20.6 cm

    So the answer is likely YES! It will fit. The fan is < 16cm, the case is >20cm.

    It's probably a safe bet that the fan will fit in the case.
  2. did you take into consideration the motherboard/CPU also taking up probably about 1/4-1/2 an inch in the case as well as well with the fan? if i did my calculations correct, that's leaving 2 inches space
  3. A bit offtopic to your measurement question but that motherboard is a terrible rip off. You are paying for the sabretooth name and that "thermal armour" is possibly even counterproductive.

    Some cheaper just as good options


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