GTX 275 for 60 bucks?

I'm currently rocking a 8800gt 256mb at a res of 1440x900. I plan on upgrading to a 6850-6870 sometime in the next 6 months but I have a chance at a GTX 275 for 60 (could maybe get it for 40-50). I understand the 275 is dx10 and everything but I'm still 6 months away from a 6850-6870 and 24" monitor.

Should I buy or just wait it out?
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  1. Well it boils down to how desperate are you to upgrade? I personally would stick it out for another 6 months, since that $60 will probably boost you to GTX 480 which is faster.
  2. This is what I'm thinking. I ran diablo 3 maxed out this last weekend, the only thing that's holding me back is BF3 I run medium and I'd like to pump that up.

    Just wanted to know if i could get this card for say 40 should I bc it's a really good deal? Or 40 for a gtx 275 is just meh as far as a deal goes?
  3. Yep, also if you have the power supply for a 480... But also you could be looking a Mid range GTX 600 series card that does what a 480 can do.
  4. I wouldn't recommend investing more than $20-$30 into such outdated hardware, especially since you're planning on replacing it in the short term. Resale value is next to nothing, so that money is just going to be gone.

    I'd say tough it out until you get the big upgrade and put that $60 toward an even nicer card.
  5. Thank you for the replies.

    The 480 will prob be out of my price range. I can go about 150 max (6 months from now), so I should still be looking at the 6850-6870 yes? My PSU is an earthwatts 430w which means if I do 6870 I would have to use a molex adapter bc the PSU only has 1 6 pin.

    So it's a def NO on the 275 because I'm guessing it won't be that much of a difference between the 8800gt I already have? Unless I can swing this for like 20-30 maybe.
  6. It won't be all that much of an upgrade I would say, unless you can get it for relatively little money.

    Yes, although what you can expect out of the 6870 depends on the resolution you plan on gaming at.
  7. Yeah, I might have messed up with that PSU since I built a rig with an I5-2500k that I have yet to overclock. I'll upgrade the PSU when I go to SLI/Crossfire, for right now I need to figure out this 275 situation and I think I'm just going to let that card pass and wait for a 6850 and a 24 monitor. Then down the raod upgrade PSU when I get another 6850. Does this sound like the right plan?

    I appreciate everyone's input, this is why I come here.
  8. I think for $60 you can get the 275. And if you do that, you wownt need the 6870 or 6850. Because is a big change from 8800gt -250mb to a hi-end gtx275. And if you ask me, i wowld get the new 7770 - 7750. It will work perfectly for your PSU. Check it out!!!!
  9. Thank you for the reply. I think I'll offer him 30 and if he takes 40 I'll buy it and maybe sell the 8800gt for 20 to recoup some cash :)
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  11. looks like I'm getting it tomorrow for 45 bucks, do I need to do anything with my current 8800gt drivers or just plug in the new card?
  12. Awesome, thank you everyone for the great answers.
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