I have netgear n300 and it just stopped working

I am soooo frustrated with my wireless netgear n300. My laptop or internet was working just fine and all of a sudden just stopped working! I tried everything (unplugged all the cables, the router, modem, turn off and turn it back on and even did the reset thing and it's still doesn't work!).This happens once in a while and always been able to find a way somehow but took me hours to get it work again.

Can someone please help me? Thanks!
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    It may simply be beyond use. I looked on e-Bay to get an idea of the age of one of these and find I could buy one in the UK for about £30 so in the US they're probably a dime a dozen. :D Either price, it's hardly worth troubling further with yours - there's not much we ordinary mortals can do inside these things.

  2. I just bought one last month and am now having the same problem. ($50 not 1c)
    It was working fine for a few weeks, the just suddenly kicked the clients and they couldn't connect again until an hour later.
    I'm wondering if these are just flaky, or prone to interferrence?
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