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I recently built my pc about 3 weeks ago and initially I had no issues with any of my hardware. However, a few days ago I noticed that the PSU fan in the machine would spin at full speed for about 1 second then slow back down, almost like a motor revving up. It is very loud and does not sound very healthy. This occurs at random times and when doing any type of task on the computer (games, movies, browsing explorer, you name it). Sometimes it does it multiple times concurrently before running normally for a few minutes. All of the other hardware appears to be running fine and at normal temps, and the computer doesn't seem to be having any other issues.

So is it safe to say that this is a faulty PSU? Or could there possibly be some underlying issue causing this? I can RMA it but would like to know for sure before going through the hassle and not having my computer for awhile.

Cooler Master Silent Pro 1000W
ASUS Rampage IV Formula X79
i7 3820
2x Gefore GTX 670
4x4gb DDR1600
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  1. Well if the power supply is changing its speed its normal to do so when its stressed from your build (max power draw), it ups its RPM to cool down the components in the power supply. However if it is constantly changing its RPM and its noticeable (like changing from 2000rpm to 800rpm and then back up to 2000rpm) then its most likely defective. Also does the power supply serve as in exhaust fan in your build? Nonetheless, it should not be changing RPM randomly if at idle so if that is the case RMA it asap.
  2. Yes it's definitely noticeable, in fact it can be startling sometimes because it's so sudden and loud when all of the other fans are quiet. I just don't see how it could be at such a high load % considering its a 1000w supply, especially when I'm on the desktop. Also, the PSU is bottom mounted so I believe it is intaking air through the bottom and exhausting it out the back. Could it possibly be the temperature of the PSU causing this? Like perhaps the temp or the load is right on the threshold of the fan speeding up?
  3. Is the bottom mesh covered underneath the power supply? If it is then you should have overheating problems. Check to see if its clogged with dust or that there isn't anything obstructing its passage.
  4. No the bottom is open, and it is a couple inches off of the ground. The case is the Cooler Master HAF 932. There is no dust either. That's why I find it hard to consider that its overheating. I think I remember seeing a fan graph for this PSU, and once it gets over 800w load the RPM's spike up. Is it possible for my setup to draw this kind of power even when on the desktop?
  5. Your computer draws 686 watts under 100% and 15% capacitor aging (fairly new). That being said it is logical that your power supply should be upping its RPM since it needs to dissipate more heat from the high load of watts BUT it should be consistent not fluctuating. For this reason alone, I suggest an RMA.

    Best of Luck,

    Socialfox :)

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  6. Which way is the PSU facing?
  7. amuffin said:
    Which way is the PSU facing?

    OP claims its facing downwards and is bottom mounted so its just sucking air from the ground (given a clearance of a few inches) and is exhausted out through the back of the power supply.

    - Socialfox :)
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