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I recently upgraded my system. Below is the current config:
1. AMD FX 4100 processor
2. GIGABYTE Mobo 880-GM-D2H
3. 4+4 GB corsair 1333MHz RAM

Apart from this i have a regular SATA HDD and mouse/keyboard.
I currently run on a 350 Watt PSU.

I was thinking of purchasing AMD 6770 and was wondering whther the 350 watts would be enough?
AMD site also said something about 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connector, is this something present in a stock PSU or is present in some specific models?

Would really appreciate if you cud help me out !
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    try this PSU calculator:

    It shows 241 watts draw with a recommended 291 watt PSU.

    As far as the "6-pin PCI Express" connector goes you will have to open up the PC and take a look or at least get the model number of the PSU.
  2. +1 Jamessneed.
    And also, it's an unfortunate part of computer life that not all PSUs' are created equal, cheap ones often fail to give their rated power and always lack the built-in protection of better quality units.
    Without more information, I'd suggest you look for a quality unit of 350-450 Watts: Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, Pc Power and Cooling and OCZ are amongst the best.
    If you're in the USA, this is a nice unit:
  3. i did come across the PSU calculator and it gave me a similar number. I was however thrown off by various comments on multiple sites stating that 500W PSU is a min for 6770.
    Just wanted to make sure that i do not end up with a fried system!

    I did look up the PSU and did find the 75W connector...thnx..
  4. The 500 Watt recommendation is to give some safety for users with cheaper, less capable powersupplies the Antec I linked to, is actually more than you need, despite being 120 Watts under the 'minimum'!
  5. If you can get the model number of your 350 watt PSU and post it that would help. Or look up tests of it on the web if there are any. You should be fine since your power draw should be about 100 watts less than your PSU so even if its sub par it "should" be fine.
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  7. As long as there is enough amps on the 12v rail, should be good. Don't buy a cheapo PSU with 18amps on the 12v rail, that would be asking for problems. Decent 450watt or 550watt should be good and room for overclocking or adding a better video card.
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