600+ dollar gaming pc - need opinions

Hey everyone, i've been looking into building my first computer - my main thing I want to do is be able to play all the best games on the computer, but I also want to be able to multi task such as have open: photoshop, dreamweaver, websites, etc, all at the same time. Anyway here is the build I came out with I would greatly appreciate it if I got input to let me know if it's good. Thanks much!

P.S I already purchased my case.

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  1. your i5 2500K CPU is over clockable, but the B75 MB is not able to OC. chose a Z77 or Z68 MB
    I would go with the CM hyper 212 instead of the one selected and go with ram without the tall heatsinks so that they don't interfere withe the cooler.
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