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Plzzzzzzzzzzz help me guyzz

Hi i'm ankur,

my biggest problem about my pc is that i have to run all of my games on performance mode. i have to run my system on performance mode in epu4 engine otherwise the game starts lagging. my pc specs are

AMD Phenom IIx4 955 Black Edition
Asus M4A785TD- V EVO
Zotac GTS 450 1GB
Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz ram
Cooler Master 650 Watts SMPS

plzzzzzzzzzz help me guyz........
lots & lots & lots & lots of thanks in advace

plzzzzzz help

i just don't understand that after having this kind of specification why i have to turn on performance mode everytime to play games
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  1. you have kinda good PC, do not set the performance mode this mode set all the setting on highest which occur lags in games, another thing is that you have a weaker card get something new like 7850.

    try to set all the setting manually some medium some high also what resolution are you running?
  2. Also make sure all your drivers for your MOBO, GPU are up to date, I would also make sure the bios and windows are all up to date.
  3. hi xtreme5 thanks for the advice. but the problem is that i can't change my card right now just because of the budget problem and the resolution i use for all games is 1600x900 because i have SAMSUNG 20in monitor. nd really thanku for the advice.
  4. hi Niklas_13 thanks for the rply. and yes i'm using all the updated drivers for the mobo, gpu and my bios is also updated. the only thing which is not updated in my system is my os b'coz it is pirated and i can't update it....

    but thanks for the advice.
  5. Really?!?!

    You're going to admit you have a pirated OS to a huge online community that does not condone that sort of thing?
  6. hi xtreme5 one thing more i've seen a lot of guys on youtube and one thing i've noticed that many of them are having lower pc specs but even then they are playing NFS hot pursuit (new) on high settings and when i played this game i ran my pc on performance mode...........

    sorry m not that much sound about pc, however i made this pc on my own after 2-3 months research work but still i can;t find answers of things like this.
  7. shadow71 said:

    You're going to admit you have a pirated OS to a huge online community that does not condone that sort of thing?

    hi shadow71

    its not a big thing in my view tht someone uses pirated os b'coz in india a dvd of os caosts like hell. so its not easy for everyone to buy it.

    i also know pros and cons related to original os but right now i can't afford it
    hope after some months.
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    Well its against the Terms of Service here to discuss anything related to piracy. Sorry not gonna help you and this thread will be closed. And your excuse is BS, you can get it directly from Microsoft.
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