NVIDIA model p413 crash during gameplay ?

Hi everyone!

i'm baffled because of this: im running win xp on a dell home pc ... i have nvidia geforce video card and for the past few years ( since i got the computer) it's worked FINE... no problems ... until yesterday i was playing 'League of Legends' and the game froze out and i was forced to re-start the computer.. well upon restarting the computer, the windows logo was fuzzy and when my desktop loaded it was also off-color and fuzzy and then it too froze ... now i can only load my windows xp with the on board video card ...when i attempt to load with my geforce the computer re-starts right before the windows loading screen should appear. note: the only thing i did was play 'league of legends' i did not make any hardware changes prior to this crash. And the model of the graphics card is 'p413' and i'm running a dell dual core ... another note: as per another thread here i have tried to chage the BIOS setting to disable the onboard graphics when attempting to boot my external p413. but to no avial.... also i removed the card to clean the dust off the fan ... but i didnt scratch anythign on the card i was very careful when cleaning it .... could this be a power failure of some sort? or a corrupted OS ?
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  1. so i opened up the machine again and noticed that i disconnected one of the two wires powering the fan on the graphics card ... i saudered it back on and put the card back in and now when i start the computer , all the white text on the loadings screens are now purple !? ( example: the furthest i get is the windows loading screen and the "Windows" test is purple and all other colors are off ) this is very annoying as i cannot identify the problem ... i am still working on it and will keep you updated

    update: the card is a NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GS 128MB model number on hardware is "p413"
  2. anyone have any idea what the problem could be?
  3. I just installed the same video card in an HP Window 7 machine. I had the fuzzy startup too. Check your driver for that card - look for an update. I found my update in the Windows Update scan. You might want to disable that onboard ATI card - but if you didn't and just had problems with it....maybe that doesn't matter. But check on the driver update.
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