5770/67770 crossfire

Hello all.
I have 2 cards ----1 5770 and 1 6770----
My 5770 has a connector bridge but my second 6770 has no connector brisge at all.

My question is can i crossfire them without crossfire bridge?
Thx in advance.

P.s. my first card 5770 is gigabyte and my second card 6770 is asus.(i know i can crossfire them)
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  1. This is very sad :(

    I have and another question..

    I also have another 5770 card gigabyte but this card has 2 bridge connectors..
    My first one 5770 has 1 bridge connector.
    And if i go to put one bridge at my first card i must connect the bridge to the second edge on my second card because it isnt at the same place.


    Can anyone know if the crossfire there can work?
    Thx again.
  2. Yes but i must connect the bridge to my first card which has 1 edge (ok so far)
    and to my second card i must connect the bridge to the second edge (i cant to the first ,its not at the same place)

    It will work the crossfire?

    Look here http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/256/20101115083835.jpg/
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