Temperatures should I be worried? Thanks!

Hello everyone, I just did a bit of overclocking on my cards I am running 2 6950 2 gig cards crossfire, I am bran new at this and I am happy so far since the FPS in games and graphics quality of my games have greatly improved.

In the AMD overdrive section I have the high performance GPU clock settings at 840 (800MHz)

High performance memory clock settings is at 1325 (1315MHz)

I don't have enable manual speed fan controll ticked I let it automatically do it should I set it to something? I get around 45-53 degrees c idle when my computer is doing nothing it never goes higher or reaches 55 degrees c and around 75-80 degrees c full load on real high performance games such as Crysis, Crysis 2, Skyrim and The Witcher 2 (these are on max settings). I am a bit worried those temps are too high it NEVER goes past 85 degrees c, should I change the fan speed or do you guys suggest to restore factory default settings, or leave everything stock? I also tweaked some Image Quality stuff such as AA, AA Mode and AF.

I would love some experienced people who have done this with opinions on how safe it is and what does it do since I am really noob at this, are my temperatures okay? Just would love as much info possible that will help educate this complete noob :P thank you I look forward to your replies.

Edit Reason: I also forgot to add that I have the power control settings set to 20 (20%)
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  1. I would set your fans to a constant speed. I set my fans to 49% on my NVIDIA GTX 460. If I go any higher it resonates in my case, but still keeps temps acceptable. Noise is somewhat of a factor for me though.

    For the record, I use MSI afterburner, notably one of the easiest to use Graphics Card tweaking utilities out there.

    You should be fine between 80- 85 celsius. Ramp up your fan speeds, and see what your max temps at under a heavy gaming load for an hour or so. If you've notice a change, post it here, and with further speculation I, or someone else could help you out.
  2. <90 is totally OK !
  3. Hello everyone thank you so much for your replies noise doesn't really bother me since I wear a headset that blocks out noise is it safe to turn your fan speeds up? If so what is a good start to set it at? Thank you!
  4. Also why does my GPU-Z program say I got a GPU Temp # 3 I only have 2 Graphics cards.
  5. do you have an intel or amb mb that has the video chipset built into the cpu if you do then i would guss that would be your #3 video info.
  6. My cards were getting a bit too hot to my liking (they were hitting 80 degrees c full load) so I turned my fan speed to 50% and now the temps have DRAMATICALLY decreased is it safe to constantly leave the fan speeds at 50% for both cards? Thank you.
  7. smorizio said:
    do you have an intel or amb mb that has the video chipset built into the cpu if you do then i would guss that would be your #3 video info.

    I wouldn't have a clue mate I can tell you my cpu and motherboard? My motherboard is Asus P8Z68-V PRO are they any good? And my cpu is intel core i5-2500k @3.4ghz
  8. There appear to be three sensors on the gfx card. My HD5770 has the same three temperatures that read differently from each other.
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