System Update

Present System
Intel DP45SG L775 MB
Intel Q9550 (2.8) - CoolerMaster V6 GT
9600 GT (1g)
4x 1G DDR3 1333
Odin 585w PSU (Gigabyte)

Right what i want to do is update my graphics. PSU and memory.
Option 1) - Get two 6870 and run them in crossfire
Option 2) Get one Nvidia card, pref a GTX580.
Will also upgrade my memory to 8G

My Budget is in South African Rands, but conveted to American Dollars is $1226.99

Obviously will update PSU to accomodate new cards. Any thoughts from more expeirence people would be appreciated and will my motherboard, processor handle the new cards.
Conclusion - Would like to update this old system to its max potential.
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  1. your weakest component is the video card, your power supply should handle a 7970 or a 680
    i would overclock your current processor as its still not that bad. you should be able to get it to 3.4~3.6ghz
  2. So you saying i should stick to one card setup rather than crossfire two cards ?
    Will my present motherboard handle those cards you mentioned as i read the ati 7 series cards req PCI 3 and my MB is PCI 2 only ?

    I know for a fact my PSU will not handle and upper range ati 7 series or nvidia 6 series, but im am planning to upgrage my PSU to a higher gaming one!
  3. Been doing a bit of research and coming to conclusion xfire setup gets very hot and from here where i live temps avg in the 30ties Celcius in summer, brings me to my next question, ive read also PCI 3 is backward compatable and have my eye on the XFX HD 7950, 3GB GDDR5, 800MHz Core, Mem Clock: 5000MHz, 384-bit, DUAL Mini Display, HDMI 1.4A, DVI, PCI-E 3.0, DX11 which is going for a very good price here or do you think i should stick with Nvidia and get a GTX580 ?
  4. I've heard that pcie3 is just a gimmick and the 7970, or the 7950 can't even use it to its full potential.
  5. Thx for the info, but im not buying it for the PCI but to upgrade my gfx dept for better gaming and fair bit of Photoshop i work in ocassionally.
  6. I still game on the q9550. your weakest link IS the video card. You probably don't even need to touch the ram........ photo shop may benefit........ I'd try it without that upgrade first. if you upgrade go for the right voltage 1600.
  7. After some more researching ive found this card ASUS HD 7950 DirectCU II Top, which has slightly better specs (OC) and not much more in price from where i am.
    @swifty_morgan - "right voltage 1600" as in overclocking my CPU ?

    Take that back ive just read there seems to be over heating problems with this card
    Dam :(
  8. no, memory comes in different voltages. Your older board is going to probably take higher voltage ram than what's "normal" now. Best to look and see what ram and voltage are correct......... the "1600"........... your board excepts 1333 and 1600 ram..... or you can try and push the 1333 higher. But seeing you said something about an upgrade......

    The card.......... I thought those particular ASUS cards were designed to run cooler ?......... didn't read the link.
  9. My board is very picky when it comes to ram from all the post ive read in the past :(
    Im now looking at the Club 3D Radeon HD 7970 3GB - 384-bit, 925MHz Clock, 3072MB 384-bit GDDR5 Memory 5500MHz, which looks very nice and some positive reviews im busy reading, what PSU would u recomend i get for this card
  10. Ive decide my decision going to get Club 3D Radeon HD 7970 3GB and for the PSU a Corsair TX650V2 , EPS12V - 620w (Y)

    Aftersome more research i now have my eye on MSI GeForce GTX 680 TwinFrozr III OC

    Its going to be one of these 2, which one, so hard to choose ?
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