PLEASE HELP, windows 7 wont start, potential solutions not working

Hi, ive been a complete idiot and now everythings a total mess and im in dire need for help. Ive put together a pc build and installed 64bit windows 7 home premium without any major issues. However, i hadnt installed a network card and so i bought a TP-link Wireless Networking PCI express Adapter (model no. TL-WN881ND) which is compatible with windows 7, put it into the proper PCI-express slot and then booted up windows 7 again, only this time it didnt start up properly and instead went straight to startup reparation which said windows couldnt be repaired this way. I fixed this (or at least i thought so at the time) by installing windows 7 again with the Networking card already inserted (idiotic perhaps) and i didnt encounter any problems. Thinking i was past the issue, i installed all the drivers for the MoBo etc. and had even installed microsoft office, steam and a few games as well as successfully booted windows 7 several times when starting the computer up. Then, after having downloaded one a driver update upon shutting down i started the computer up again only to find that it went straight to startup repair like previously with the same outcome. This is my current problem after several noobie attempts to fix things myself:

Problem event name: StartupRepairOffline
Problemsignature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
Problemsignature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
Problemsignature 03: unknown
Problemsignature 04: 21200113
Problemsignature 05: AutoFailover
Problemsignature 06: 10
Problemsignature 07: CorruptFile
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1053

I have tried a system recovery with two different dates (the oldest and most recent) but none worked. I have tried going to the commandprompt from the repair option on the install disc and typing "FixMbr", "FixBoot" and "RebuildBcd" (on the last command i had to choose whether to include two installations of windows i chose no. 2) and then did a startup reparation (twice) detecting no problems and then tried restarting the computer. This time an error window popped up which said that the critical startup file C:/Windows/system32/oleacc.dll was damaged or at least didnt work properly but i quit this, which took me to the login screen but logging in didnt work and the same error window popped up. I tried this again and this time the "RebuildBcd" gave me only 1 option, a third time (just typing in "RebuildBcd" to satisfy my curiosity) it gave 0 options. However, when starting the computer up it had the opposite effect and gave me increasing no. of win7 installations that i could choose to boot.

If anyone could tell me what caused (or what factors contributed to) this messy issue and how to fix it i would be BEYOND grateful because something like this is what id fear would happen and i dont think i will sleep properly till my windows is working as it should again.
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  1. it sounds like you have a hardware problem in your new build that is causing files to become corrupt. you will need to replace pieces one at a time till you find the culprit. try removing one of the sticks of ram at a time, replace the data cable to the HD, or replace the HD itself.
  2. It sounds to me as if you are having memory issues. Try downloading and running memtest86 and run for at least three passes to test your memory. I think that your problem has nothing to do with the new network card.
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  4. check to see if you have the newest bios on your mb. most new x68 and z77 have updates for cpu code and ram now. i would hit the f5 factory default and put the ram at a stock speed of 1333 or 1066 and see if windows installs fine. a lot of time with new mb they dont read the ram jdec right and you can have issue. also check that you have the ram in the right slots.
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