Would like to know the best card for my PC

Hey there, I was told the Radeon HD 6450 was the absolute best I could do with my computer. However, after some reasearch, I found that I MAY not be able to use that card due to wattage.

If I can use it, I will happily buy the card. Better safe than sorry though, aye?

Computer- Acer Aspire X3950-UR30P

Card- Radeon HD 6450

Says recommended 400 watt, I have 220 watt.
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  1. I kind of doubt you're gonna be able to put any new card on a 220W power supply... that would be the first thing I would upgrade. Decent 400-500W models are only like $50 or $60.
  2. Unfortunately, I'm on a compact desktop. As it stands I have to go with low profile cards for that exact reason. Is there another sort of card I should look at at 200watts? Basically from what I understood, I would basically have to gut my computer and move the parts to a larger frame, new motherboard, ect.

    I'd rather just buy a new computer then go through all that hassle, but I would like to have a card to hold me over for now.
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    Hmmm, the 6450 only uses up to 31 watts under full load. I think you're pretty safe with the 6450 and you can probably even go for the 5570 from what I can tell.
  4. Thats fairly helpful, I'll do some research into that. You say the 6450 only uses 31 watts, how many does the 5570 use under load?
  5. No more than 45 watts under full load. If you need the low profile version it uses even less power.
  6. Thats extremely helpful mate, thanks a lot!
  7. You're welcome, let me know how that goes in the end!
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