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Hey everyone,

Need some help. I am looking at purchasing a dvd/blu-ray/5.1 surround sound system. I have a 7.1 capable surround sound rocketfish sound card. My question is this: Will the speakers/subwoofer that come with the dvd/blu-ray player work on my computer?
I'm wondering if I can use the 5.1 surround sound system on my dvd player AND my pc????
Thanks so much!
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  1. Not without an adapter, and I do not think that any adapter will split the speaker cable to take 2 different inputs. However, you can plug your computer into your receiver and use the receiver to switch the inputs. But no, you won't be able to plug speaker wire into your sound card without an adapter, and I don't believe they make adapters for the PC plug to speaker wire.
  2. Ok, good to know, thanks so much, I appreciate it!
  3. It would help if you could post a link to the actual surround system, its very possible it could have additional standard audio inputs or a 3.1mm which you could definitely then plug into your pc (given you have a long enough cord)
  4. I am gonna say that they do not have additional PC connections, they have no mention of them and are not exactly expensive systems, so I would not expect them to have many additional features.
  5. Ok sounds good, thanks for the info!
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