Graphics card for my ancient system?

I have acquired an old HP DC7700 from my work. I've stuck a copy of linux on it and a WD Caviar Green 500GB hard drive. Luckily, Linux recognizes my wifi USB stick, so I am looking for new ways to enhance my machine.

The only candidate seems to be to replace the Nvidia Quaddro NVS 280 graphics card with something a little more fun. I doubt the motherboard recognizes PCIe 2.1 cards, and I am on a really tight budget, so I think the best option would be a Nvidia GT 430. The 440 draws a lot more power without giving that much more performance and costs twice as much. Also, the CPU is a 1.8 GHz pentium dual core so I suppose even a modest GPU would quickly outpace the CPU.

From other forums I have determined that my version of linux has fairly mature drivers for the 430.

I'm not looking to play the latest games - older ones like CS Source, Doom III, Left 4 Dead and so on (in Linux Wine).
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  1. A 430 would be great for those games, assuming you can get it all to work. Should max them no problem.
  2. After doing some more research it seems that the 430 can overclock up to the level of a GT240...

    Some 430s have GDDR3 memory and others have DDR3 memory - is there an actual difference between these memory types?
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