Samsung SyncMaster SA300 "flickering"

I've been using my Samsung SyncMaster SA300 for a few months now and I've been having problems with it "flickering" off and on. The monitor doesn't actually turn off but fails to get a feed from the PC. I initially thought it was my computer and the display drivers so I updated them all. But that didn't fix the problem. I borrowed a buddies monitor for a week and never had it flicker off. I'm now under the assumption that the monitor is bad. If there is anything I've over looked please let me know.

I'm running dual NVIDIA GTX 470's with a 50'' LCD as a secondary monitor. (play games on my primary and run movies on my secondary when not gaming)

Oh and I also checked the pins on my dvi to hdmi and had no problems...

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  1. Try a different cable
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