Acer Aspire One not charging, some help please!

Hello my Acer Aspire has been having trouble charging recently, for a long time the battery was charging occasionally but not all the time and the orange light started blinking when the battery was running out. Recently it got much worse and now it doesn't seem to charge at all. I tried taking the battery out and running it on AC but that didn't work at all. Then I put the battery back in and it let me charge it one more time but now nothing at all. The charger is not an Acer charger but it was okay before. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone know any way to resolve this? Thanks
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  1. I had an aspire one and the charger broke. Wiggling it around helped but eventually if fully died. I got a new one and it solved that issue.
  2. Rechargeable batteries lose maximum capacity over time.

    I could kinda sorta explain why that is, but the point is that sometimes you just need a new battery. If the battery is many years old I would say that this is most likely the problem.

    If it is relatively new, like a year or less, I wouldn't think that was most likely the problem, though.
  3. Hello thanks for the replies in the end I found a friend who had the same charger and I just tried that it it worked perfectly. So I went out and brought a new universal charger and now it seems to be working fine, although the machine does still seem to getting very hot??!! I was kind of hoping it would be the battery so I could change it because this one is now so bad it only lasts an hour after full charge!! Anyone know any way of making the battery last longer, I know the obvious ones: Change power settings, adjust screen brightness etc..

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