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Heating to add fans...

Built my new PC a few months ago and I'm occasionally running into some heating issues. Was considering installing a couple of new fans (my case can handle two more 120mm) but my mobo only has two fan supply plug (other than the cpu fan supply plug) which are already being occupied. Is there any way to hook up new fans despite this?

Here is my mobo if that helps...
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  1. Most fans come with an adapter so you can hook them directly to the PSU!
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    Yes, if they don't come with a Molex adapter you can buy one, or you can buy Y connectors for the fan headers on the MOBO, and run two fans off one header.
  3. That won't blow out the mobo? Is there some sort of wattage limitation for that?

    Oh and the fans that I have now were pre-installed in my tower so they came with nothing extra which is why I have no splitters (which I was unaware existed).
  4. No, it won't blow out the MOBO, but if you have a fan profile or something you cannot control the two Y fan's independently. Also, the Molex adapters are often used for fans, the fan controller on my case gets it's power from a Molex adapter and then I connect the fans into it.
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