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90W laptop adaptor OR Seasonic Bronze PSU for HTPC?

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I'm planning to build a low-power, value HTPC. I'm really undecided if I should go for an 80PLUS Bronze Seasonic PSU OR a laptop adapter from Cooler Master (Energy Star certified).

SETUP 1. I go for the laptop adapter. I'd have to choose a special Intel mini-itx mobo (DH61AG) which is pretty expensive. Mini-itx mobo + laptop adapter = very low power. Pico-PSUs are not available here in India.

SETUP 2. I go for Seasonic Bronze PSU. I get to choose a cheaper mini-itx mobo. Mini-itx mobo + Seasonic PSU = low power but a bit more than the above setup, far less expensive

I will be pairing the mobo with Sandybridge Pentium G620.

The big question is - is SETUP 1 really going to save me a SIGNIFICANT amount of power (in terms of watts) over SETUP 2? I it worth the higher cost? Or is it just a matter of 5-6 watts give or take?

I'm not too concerned about noise etc. Cost and low power are priority.

For a quick reference, see the power measurements here

Is there any place on the Web where they've compared a laptop PSU with an ATX one using the same components?

Thanks for the help....
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    if you plan to use the same components (exept the mobo/psu of course) then they should use the same amount of power (within reason)
  2. Well...someone has found significant differences...using the same components but different PSUs...
  3. what wattage is the seasonic PSU your looking at?
  4. Seasonic 430W Bronze.....anything lower isn't available...
  5. that would explain why, something like this would do a better job
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