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I am looking into building a server for multiple functionality. I currently run an online business and have 2 Workstations to assist with record keeping and accounting. I would like to build a server that can host my website, store images of my workstations, and allow for easy transfer of files between the two workstations without having to save it to a flash drive, walk up three floors, and then open it again. What would you recomend for a simple starter server. Thanks in advance and any opinions would help me greatly.
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  1. Your requirements aren't all that much so a low powered / entry level machine would do fine. Fill out the form in the link below to give us more info. Include how long you expect to use it (ROI). A longer ROI could mean a little more hardware now to extend the life those last few years... Also, backups / images for two workstations is minimal but include how much data you expect to store (estimate on the high side).
  2. I will buy the parts in less than 3 months, I have a budget of $1000, I will use this for a file server, web server, and FOG image server with the possibility to expand to more workstations. I don't need a keyboard, mouse, or speakers. I have no prefference on where the parts come from, just preferably economical, yes to overclocking, not sure what SLI or Crossfire is so maybe on that, a basic monitor res would work fine, Im not going to use this as a workstation if I can avoid it.
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    Skip the overclocking. You would never see the benefit and would need different / more expensive hardware.

    -You can use a workstation motherboard, but research driver support. Not all workstation boards will have drivers for a Server OS.

    CPU1 - Intel i3-2120T 35w - $135
    CPU2 - Intel Xeon E3-1220 - $210
    -LGA 1155 E-Series Xeon or 2nd Generation I3 with 35w TDP

    CPU Cooler - LOGISYS 120mm Hydro - $19
    -This is mainly for noise reduction, but will also cool better than the stock cooler

    MEM - 2 x Kingston 8GB ECC DDR3-1333 CL9 1.35v - $58 / $116

    OS / Boot Drive - 2 x Samsung F3 500GB - $80 / $160
    -Mirror the two drives for redundancy / reduced down-time

    Storage Drive - 2 x Samsung F4 2TB - $120 / $240
    -Mirror the two drives for redundancy / reduced down-time

    OPTICAL - Samsung 22x DVD-RW - $15

    PSU - SeaSonic X series 400W Fanless GOLD - $130
    -Very efficient and fanless. Could reduce spending here if cost is a concern...

    CASE - CM HAF 912 - $60
    -Lots of options in the $50 - $60 range. The HAF 912 has good air flow...

    $1075 with the i3-2120t. Costs can be reduced by going with 8GB of memory and taking away redundancy on the drive setup. ..or just going with the 2TB mirror for the OS and storage.

    Now for the kicker! Hopefully you already have the server license...

    OS - Server 2008 R2 x64 - $690
  4. Would it be possible to host it with Unbuntu Server? Instead of paying for a $700 program that I'm not familiar with?
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