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Hey everyone, I just wanted to know if my GPU temp and my fan temps were too high... I have a studio XPS 8000. Its processor is a Intel Core i7 CPU, 2.8 GHz, 9gb ram, windows 7 64 bit, and a NVIDIA Geforce 220 graphics card. I also have a 54mbps internet. Basically, I am trying to find out if my graphics card is overheating or not.

Here is some temp. stats provided by GPU-Z and SpeedFan:

At the time, I am running chrome and another (and rather low-demanding) video game. But here is where my question comes in: I game alot on the PC, and for some reason I am lagging heavily when my computer should be more than fit to handle these games.

I asked around and people told me that my specs were up to par and my internet was more than sufficient. So, they diagnosed the problem to my fans (apparently dell is notorious for putting poor fans or something, im not sure).

I have tried every other solution, including checking for other background programs, cleaned out my fans and computer of dust, and more; this is really the only shady aspect I haven't completely checked over yet.

So, my question is, is this GPU temp too high, is it due to my fans (do i need to replace, upgrade, etc.), are any of the temps abnormal, and if it the temperature is normal, what could be the problem? I will be more than glad to provide extra info. Or, is this problem due to my graphics card?
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  1. GPU is a bit high, but nothing dangerous. What does look concerning is the 127C TEMP1 reported by Speedfan. Can you download HWMonitor and see what temps it reports? Also, with those prebuilt cases, airflow sucks. Try taking the side off, putting a household fan blowing into it, and see if temperatures drop. If they do, you probably need a new case.
  2. That GPU is way high and what ever is 127C high is alarming high. Try MSI afterburner and see what your temps are, I want to make sure that's being read correctly.

    At 93C my GTX 260s start to artifact so that temperature you are getting is not tbe taken lightly at all.

    Reviews on that have the max temperature at 70C at completely full load, we are talking hardcore gaming, something is wrong.
  3. Here is the HW Monitor's analysis. Keep in mind that im running chrome and a low requirement game at the same time to mimic what I usually do on the comp. If you need me to change this at all, tell me. I will post again in 5 minutes or so the results with using the manual fan.
  4. Guess HWMonitor does get temps from the 220, try Helltech's suggestion.
  5. Here is Afterburner anaylsis. I don't know what to do with it so i just screen capped it after i opened it and clicked the reset button. If I need to do something else let me know.
  6. The temps should be behind where you have the information window, close the information window and see whats behind it.
  7. What exactly are you doing at the time you took this? Just light gaming? Is your fan spinning very loud? Can you hear it? Its going very fast it should be obnoxiously loud.

    Also I don't want to get your hopes-up but a 220 is much of a gaming card at all, it isn't going to be able to do anything but low settings in demanding games.

    Also that screen shot of hardware monitor you showed us, that's all there is? HardwareMonitor shows more when I use it.
  8. 1)Yes, just playing a game on windowed mode in a pretty low resolution, with all graphics settings possible toned down. here are the system reqs. Yes, my fan is spinning pretty loudly, probably because its at 100% capacity haha.

    Also, do you want me to try gary's suggestion about manually blowing air into the comp using a fan?

    Minimum Requirements of the game im running:

    OS: Windows XP/ 2000 / Vista
    CPU: Pentium 4 1GHz or higher
    RAM: 512MB or higher
    HDD: 5GB or more
    VGA: GeForce4 TI4200, 64MB or better (vertex pixel shading support required)

    Recommended Specification:

    OS: Windows XP/ 2000 / Vista
    CPU:Pentium 4 2GHz or higher
    RAM: 1GB or higher
    HDD: 10GB or more
    VGA: GeForce4 TI4200, 64MB or better (vertex pixel shading support required), DirectX 10

    2) Haha yeah I realize that, but I am still able to play Starcraft 2, mass effect 3, and other demanding games before my computer completely turns black and freezes (was told very recently it may have been due to overheating). Also, when I first got the computer, it was running some similar games pretty well.

    I also ran anti-virus etc. as to ensure that these problems aren't a result of a virus or whatever.
  9. The problem with your screen going black is most definitely due to overheating.

    Just chucking a huge fan at the case might alleviate the systems, but it isn't going to solve the cause of the problems, something has happened to cause it to do that, it would be best to fix that, instead of trying to mask it. If your temps were just high, like 80 degrees, I would say ok, but yours are very high so lets try to fix the cause.

    Have you ever or have you recently cleaned your computer out of dust?
  10. Yes, just around three days ago actually. Used compressed air and used a very light powered vaccum to suck up any dust.

    So what do you think I can do to solve this bane of my existence? D:
  11. Did the temperature problem start happening after you cleaned out the computer three days ago? Did you touch the vaccum to the graphics cards? Its unlikely but possible you jarred the GPU heatsink loose.
  12. no, i started noticing it after I played some hardcore games like mass effect 3, etc. a couple months back. This was when the computer froze up and locked when I started playing intense games in which my computer has never played. However, after this incident I kind of tried to be more observant of my computer, and noticed that I was lagging on some pretty low-demanding games, my fan was noticeable loud at all times, and etc.
  13. Well that means you have been having these problems for a couple months, more than likely your temps have been that high as well. Its possible you have kept the cards so hat for so long some damage may have been caused.

    When you cleaned it out you blew air through the graphics card correct? All of the case fans on the computer are working, free of dust?

    If you could take a picture of the side of your case with the window off it might help me.
  14. Not sure about how specific the cleaning was, but i set my case on its side, opened out the side panel, and went through the whole system with the vaccum and also used some compressed air :P
  15. It is possible you either haven't cleaned the card well enough, ever, or sometime in the past you knocked the heatsink lose. It is also possible your case just doesn't have good airflow, but even then I don't see why the temperatures wouldn't ALWAYS have been bad.
  16. mind showing me where it is? and also, what are some possible solutions in your (or anyone else's really) opinion?
  17. the heatsink is the black part on the graphics card
  18. no, the heatsink seems to be intact, It is attactched to the graphics card(or whatever is is for that matter). I tried to blow compressed air in there, not much dust, temp is the same.

    Do i need to replace my fans? my graphics card?
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