Intel equivalent of AMD Phenom II x2 560 BE

Thats what I have now...the AMD Phenom II x2 560 BE.

I do most audio/music production. It is very CPU heavy, maybe not as much as advanced video production or gaming but there's some heavy processing that goes on in REAL-TIME and it's all CPU based.

That said, a lot of people are saying for me to switch to Intel. The problem is, which CPU should I get? I want to UPGRADE also, so Im curious which Intel CPU is the equivalent of the 560 and WHICH ARE BETTER.

I know sometimes its not just the $$ u spend. Some are better at certain tasks than others. I really dont know much about the Intel world except Sandy Bridge, i3, i5, i7's.....are those still what I should be looking at?

If I said my budget was $200....what would u suggest? THANKS!!!
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  1. Is the work you do hevily threaded? By that, I mean, can it use more than 2 cores, like 4? If it's heavily threaded, I would get the FX-8320.
  2. Well, Lemme just say that the x4 965 BE trades blows with the i3 2100 in single threaded games/programs, but beats it by a fair margin in things that use 3+ cores.
    The 965 is cheaper by around £40 in the UK.

    The i5 2500k is double the price, but is only 25% faster.
  3. Yeah its heavily threaded...and our programs can access HyperThreading. Those with the big $$$ push 6-8 cores minimum.

    I just dont have the budget for that. What about the i5 3470?
  4. For $200. I would get the highest clocked Phenom x4 you can get. can't really go to I5 on that budget.
  5. How about a FX-8150? Under $200...

    No, it's not great for gaming, but for heavily threaded uses, it's great.

    Also, the good part to the 8150 (and also something that I really hate personally, but whatever) is that you can disable a core in each module to basically turn it into a true quad for gaming. It performs much better in games as a true quad than it does as a quasi-8 core. Then you just re-enable the cores for your heavily threaded uses.

    The 3470 would be the best all-around CPU for that price, but the 8150 would be better for the heavily threaded stuff.
  6. kriskory said:
    For $200. I would get the highest clocked Phenom x4 you can get. can't really go to I5 on that budget. based on that (and I could actually keep my am3 board), what about x6?:

    I did some more research and found that my mobo CAN handle the x6 Thubans...even up to the 1090t.

    Is this a route I should seriously consider? It would be nice to not have to upgrade my mobo. 1090t looks like its around $225 online.

  7. You edited your reply...

    Anyway, the Thubans are too expensive for what they're actually worth. At that point, it makes more sense to go with a 8150 (even if it does mean a new motherboard).

    If you want to shell out for the 1090T (I wouldn't recommend going any lower), then more power to you, but I just don't see much sense in it (other than not having to get a new motherboard, which, honestly, you should probably do, anyway, for the upgrade path later).

    My final recommendation is the 8150 and a new motherboard, but if you absolutely won't get a new motherboard, get the X4 965BE (or 1090T, if you can find it for less than the 8150 ($189.99).
  8. Thanks Decibel...yeah I took out the par t about the x4 cuz I just thought (with my limited knowledge) that they would be inferior to even the 1045T x6.

    Here's what I was going to post....all x4:

    What about the 970 for $10 more?

    Thanks again!!
  9. JLiRD808 said:
    What about the 970 for $10 more?

    No real reason to get it, since the 965BE has an unlocked multi, so you can just overclock it to the speed of the 970. Also, that particular 970 is OEM, meaning it doesn't come with a heatsink. You would have to buy an aftermarket heatsink with it.

    You should probably buy an aftermarket heatsink regardless, though, since you'll want to overclock the 965 as far as you can.

    And the 1045T would be better than the X4's at the multithreaded stuff, but not as good for gaming and lightly threaded stuff (and it has a locked multiplier, so not easy to overclock). The 1090T would be good at all of that, but like I said, at that point, it just makes more sense to get the 8150, so you have great multithreaded performance and it's easily overclockable.
  10. Ok cool..I can probly sell my x2 560 BE for like $50-60 anyways.

    BTW...I do have the Cooler Master Hyper 212, should be good right?

  11. Yes.
  12. Got a 1055t btw.....trying to OC it right now.

    I got a MSI mobo but its OC'ing capabilities are kinda limited it seems >:(

    Dont seem to have any control over the NB ratio/frequency
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