Graphics card fitting into this motherboard!??!?!

I have this motherboard -

and i am looking to buying this graphics card

my question will this fit onto this motherboard and like by the slot and by the size of the graphics card? thank you!
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  1. of course it will fit, it's PCI-e that matters and you have that so... whatever. The question is, will it fit into you case and can it be powered by you PSU?
  2. do you know what the recommended power supply is for this card? if yes than can u give me a good PSU for buy?
  3. I would say you'd need atleast 400 watts. But it depends on what CPU you're running. Also overclocking your CPU or GPU will draw more bower, so you could play it safe and shoot for a 500 watt, which you can grab for 50-$70. I bought an antec 550w for 60 bucks, for instance.

    This is a pretty good PSU, if its needed.

    Graphics card:
    I assume you are gaming. This is far better card for $20 more:

    I'd still recommend one of the 6870's on sale for $150 after MIR.
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