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Hello everyone, I have never installed any after market coolers or anything like that, but I have built computers and I have a good and general understanding of it all.

I currently have an Intel i7 2700k with the stock heat sink. It can get up to 80-90c when I am rendering 1080p videos or similar things. I am looking to lower the temperature with a after market heat sink that has an affordable price. I found this heat sink on sale for an incredible price and it has amazing reviews

I am just wondering if this will work with my CPU and will installing it be easy?

Thank you for the help.
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  1. Yes it will work with your processor and motherboard, I have never owned one but I am working on a build right now about I am going with the cooler master hyper 212
    based on price and reviews. You may also want to consider liquid cooling
  2. Liquid cooling seems a bit complicated and for right now, unnecessary.

    Will installing this heat sink be just like installing a stock one? You just line it up with the screws on the motherboard and then plug the CPU fan into the motherboard?
  3. It's not the best but it will do.

    Also, installing it will be a bit more complicated. You may have to remove your motherboard depending on whether or not your case has a CPU cutout or not. Here is an instruction video.
  4. Alright, thanks for the video. Before I order this I want to make sure both my case and mother board is compatible. I believe my case has a CPU cutout. My case is an Antec DF-85, and my motherboard is BIOSTAR TZ77XE3 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
  5. Generally speaking, you should not worry about Motherboard+CPU cooler compatibility. If a CPU cooler manufacturer states their cooler works on a given socket, your motherboard will 99.999% of the time support the cooler as well.

    The only thing you should be worried about is if your case will support your chosen CPU coolers or not :) (Your DF-85 will fit it just fine, so no worries there).
  6. Sweet, so I should go ahead and order this? Do you guys think it's good for the $20? And do you think my temp will go over 50c?
  7. The Hyper 212+/EVO is one of the BEST coolers for the price :) Even I use one! (siggy).

    I can say from experience that at stock settings, the Hyper 212 kept my 2700k at an average of around 53-55C (23C ambient) :)
  8. Awesome to know, do you think I could OC my CPU with this?
  9. Definitely. I've OC'd to 4.8Ghz stable on the Hyper 212+. No doubt you will be able to as well! :)
  10. What the heck, 4.8Ghz? Isn't the 2700k 3.5Ghz? That's an insane amount more.
  11. :lol: That's the beauty of recent Intel chips!


  12. Why is your CPU usage @ 100?
  13. In this particular screen shot, I needed to run a stress test to verify my overclock was stable for the Intel Overclocking Club :)
  14. Ezenemy said:
    Why is your CPU usage @ 100?

    Then, we've got crazy folk like me.
  15. 80-90's is VERY unlikely with the stock cooler.

    You must have mounted it wrong!
  16. amuffin said:

    :lol: +1
  17. amuffin said:
    80-90's is VERY unlikely with the stock cooler.

    You must have mounted it wrong!

    It's not hard to do, these coolers are just trash!!!

    Mine was running like that, 75-85 on load, so I got an Enermax ETS-T40
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