Is pairing a PENTuim G620 with Hd radeon 7750 a good idea?

After wasting about 3 days, i think i have finally found a viable budget light gaming build. I still dont know much about Power supplies and also any suggestions will be welcome. Anyway the build goes on like this:
Intel pentuim G620@ 2.6Ghz
4Gb corsair ram
Asus P8H61-Mlx
Samsung Dvd/Rw combo
500Gb Hdd 7200rpm
Antec Bp 430 430W continous power supply
His Hd 7750 graphic card
These components will cost me 41500 pakistan rupees which is 440.085 USD which sums up my budget.
Any suggestion or changes are welcome except dont reccomand me AMD Cpus because these are not avalible in pakistan( i know, sad right?), so im stuck with intel
Basically I dont care about Maxing all new games.. honestly i would probably keep lower graphic settings to make sure that temperatures remain ideal.

Also plz mention whether my current psu model is good enough to support this setup or not
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Setup looks good, psu is plenty, even if you upgraded to a HD7870 you would still be fine with plenty of headroom.

    7750 is low end, you could go with a much faster card if you want.
  2. Yup, looks nice, I see you forgot a case though, are you reusing one?
  3. mouse24 said:
    Yup, looks nice, I see you forgot a case though, are you reusing one?

    Yes i forgot to mention Iam reusing my Antec Chasis 300 which i think is good enough, still mention if it isnt because this is only my second build.
  4. The antec 300 is a pretty nice case. Should serve you well.
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