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CPU Fan Blowing Hard

I just finished a partial build in which I upgraded everything except the m/board and CPU (for several reasons, though there have been a few complications). I finally got everything all together, and now the cpu fan is blowing really hard whenever I do anything video related (YouTube, Premiere Pro, AE, etc). The fan will be idling fine and all of the sudden it blows really hard for about 15 seconds, slows down and keeps rev-ing any time I do something graphically intensive. I've run the same stuff on a lesser machine and never heard it blow like this.

I know with retail m/boards you can change the fan settings in the BIOS, but since this m/board is from a Dell built machine, it doesn't have those settings.

I don't want to replace the m/board so I'm looking for any other kind of expert advice.

Sidenote: I don't know if it would really affect CPU fan blowage, but I did just install a geforce 550 Ti and some kingston memory. Don't know if that could affect it in anyway, but maybe that helps.

Thanks all!
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  1. The fan revving is due to the usage going up. This could be due to rendering or editing of some sort, obviously it will spin faster there. You could try monitoring the usage using speedfan, pcmeter or even the normal performance meter installed on windows (task manager).
    Is your CPU overclocked at all? Stock cooler?
  2. My CPU isn't overclocked or anything, just an i3-2100 3.10Ghz, stock cooler. I've monitored it for a few minutes, as suggested, using the performance meter, and idle is running at around 7% usage, and when I start editing with Premiere it goes to about 30-35%. It doesn't seem to shift to any middle fan rpm, just idle or full throttle...
  3. First I would check for dust. If that's not there, I would look for a new CPU cooler.
  4. What are the temps of your cpu at idle. and under load.
  5. The stock fans aren't the best. Have your tried plugging the fan into another motherboard connection? (doubt that the problem but you never know).

    And yes please post the temps and idle and load (maybe run a game for 10minutes or render a short vid?)
  6. Why hasn't anyone asked for temps? What are your temps? Use HWmonitor or a similar program to get temps. Speed fan will also tell you. Note idle temps and when the fan starts to rev up. If its getting to hot you could also have some thermal throttling which reduces performance. To test the temps at 100% load you can use Prime95 (blend test is fine) for atleast 5 minutes and that will get you your max cpu temps. If at any point during any of the testing the CPU goes above about 67c thats a good indicator that you need to reapply thermal paste.

    As you are using a stock cooler with a stock cpu non overclocked it should be sufficient.

    Edit: aw guys. I was typing as fast as I could :/. Beat me to it.
  7. Thanks for all the responses.

    I'm about to leave the office, so I did a quick check and it looks like my idle CPU temp is around 35C and when I start working with a Premiere a little bit the temp gets up to 46C, if I'm reading it correctly.
  8. That's actually pretty low temperatures. Depending on the motherboard you may be able to adjust CPU fan speed through the BIOS.
  9. I did take a look at the BIOS and it doesn't look like there are any fan settings there. Would a new CPU fan even help, since its being run by moboard either way? Other thought was maybe a fan controller. Any thoughts?

    Thanks again all
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    If it's the fan causing the trouble i would just recommend picking up a 212EVO cpu cooler, will keep your CPU much cooler than the stock fan and it will only run you for around 25-35$ depending where you are. I wouldn't wait the money on another stock fan!
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