Radeon 7970 best ?

hi, was wondering if the Ati Radeon 7970 is the best ati card out right now
or if theres a 7990 would it be worth it ? or would it be to much electricity eater.
thanks , very much appreciate it , was thinking of getting the Asus Rampage ivexs2011

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    Best HD 7970 is the MSI Lightening one, but unfortunately it's out of stock on most sites. Followed by a Sapphire HD 7970 Dual Fan and Gigabyte Windforce 3x fan.
  2. 7970 is the fastest single graphics card in the AMD Radeon Lineup. 6990 is one that is faster than 7970. If there is a 7990, definitely it will be faster than 7970. I don't think 7990 would be worth it, it will be probably slower than 7970 crossfire (because TDP, cooling and PCB limitation).
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  4. Man...the hd 7990 is released and it will be the fastest gfx even than 6990
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