Radeon 7870 low fps

you can see my comp's spec on the image above.

and for battlefield 3, i get around 35 - 42 fps on all ultra setting

for gta 4, it is unplayable.. I am getting 18 to 25 fps on all max setting with so much stuttering. My old gtx 460 performed better than radeon 7870.. :(

for saints row 3, i get between 27 to 45 fps on all max setting and my old gtx 460 had similar fps.

I paid $350 for my graphic card and i am so disappointed right now.. i can't really notice the difference except on battlefield 3 :(

Do you think my radeon 7870 is defective or something :(?

Oh and I have the latest driver. I tried deleting the driver and reinstalled but it did not fix.
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  1. Well It's a pretty new card... so maby the drivers aren't very compatible with certain games at the moment? GTA 4 is also a terrible port to the pc... I benchmarked at 60fps but got 5-20fps in game with allot of stuttering.
  2. I have also got a 7870, but I had 2 GTX460s in SLI - the performance has INCREASED. It tops a GTX580.

    I love my 7870 :) - It runs Metro 2033 on Very High with DoF at playable fps. Although I have had some serious issues overclocking it, its happily overclocked now @ Stock volts. I'm pushing more out of it when I download the new Sapphire Trixx tonight.
  3. To OP - you need to check that the clocks of the 7870 and its temperture are fine, and the card's usage is 100% on the stress test.
    Maybe there are some left-overs from the former Nvidia drivers. Try to run a driver cleaning software on safe mode and after that install the 7870's drivers.
  4. To op,

    Id give 12.3 a try. I had probelms with the clocks sticking at idle speeds in 12.4.
    Also i had artifacts in idle stance wich i fixed by setting the idle clocks at 450/300
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