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ok i'm looking for a decent yet affordable(less than 100$) graphics card for gaming.CPU ID tells me my motherboard is Lenovo(says the same under model) the Chipset is IntelP35/G33/G31-REV. 10, southbridge is Intel 82801GB (ICH7/R)-REV. A1 , LPCIO is ITE IT8718. my BIOS is Lenovo, version 52KT37AUS, date 04/25/2008. the graphic in it are the Intel G33/G31 express chipset family (onboard) and thats where my problem comes in ... i dont know what will fit onto my MB.. if it helps any, my machine is lenovo idea center k210, came with vista installed but has been upgraded to Win 7. the BIOS drivers are as up to date as possible, i'm maxed out at the 4g ram (two sticks @ 2g each clocked at ,samsung) and i'm using the Intel pentium dual E2140 @ 1.60 GHz
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    Get a HD6670 GDDR5 for around ~$85 or if you can spend a bit more, a HD7750 for around $110.
  2. get an hd 6570 or 6450 because over that your cpu will start bottle necking your gpu.:(
  3. E2140 is too slow... not sure if 7750 or even 6670 will be fine, but 6670 seems OK.
  4. THANK YOU!!!! i got a HD 6670, power color with 1G memory, and it works GREAT!!!! no problems with Star Wars:The Old Republic now, used to have very very laggy/choppy interiors,@ the lowest game settings, now just the opposite , mid/high settings and everything is like liquid :-)

    Thanks again,
    H. :-)

    P.S. only paid $64.95 for it on the E-Bay (newegg store) and its AWESOME!!
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