Budget case for gaming PC?

I am looking for a new case. I need;

Plenty of space inside. I tend to like big air coolers.
Lots of fans mounts, and the ability to add any brand I like (no space issues) Preferably option to add a water cooler radiator?
Possibly the ability to turn fans on and off from a control panel?
Lots of drive bays. I have a LOT of hard drives
Cable management.
3.5" and 2.5" hot-swap drive bays or an e-sata port.
Fairly modest design-I don't need it super simple, but I don't want it to be super flashy. Big vents are ok, but I don't want lots of built in LEDs. Built in LED fans are fine.

I'd like to keep it around $100, but I can spend more if necessary.

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  1. 400R



    $89 with MIR

    It's well built, easy to work with, great air flow. (Can hold a total of 4 120mm + 6 140/120mm fans.)
  2. Thanks! Doesn't hot-swap, but I suppose I could use the e-sata on my motherboard...Unless someone knows of an e-sata or hot swap addition for a 5.25" bay?
  3. Sorry. Missed that point...
  4. Bump. Any other cheaper/hot swapping case recommendations?
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811133182

    LOT of case for the money, and TWO hot swap docks right on the top.
    Tool-less drive mounting, lots of cooling, etc, etc...
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