Best case with a side window for under $100

Hello all,

I am looking for what you think the best computer case with a side window is, that also costs less than $100.

Cooling is very important to me so I would like lots of fans/mounts. I want the case to look simple. Similar to the Antec Eleven Hundred.

It will be used with an ATX motherboard. I also would like lots of options for cable management.

Lots of Cooling
Simple design
Good cable management


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    Here's one for $100 (with taxes) with shipping it will be over $100 though.
  2. For a good budget option.
    Zalman Z9+. $60 ($10 rebate)
  3. Corsair 300R Windowed is a good choice. I'm using it in my current build.

    $89.99 ($79.99 after rebate)
  4. As you've already mentioned, the Antec 1100 is a very good choice and available for under $100.
    At least in my neck of the woods it is.
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