Gpu or CPU upgrade direction

My home office computer is a:
4gb ram
Sapphire radeon hd 6670 (1gb ddr5)
Gigabyte h61

I'm doing more gaming omit lately. I'm only getting 40-50 frames on mw3, sometimes less.

It's a given that I'll also go up to 8gb ram outside of that $200. What would a good bang be for $200 bucks? i3? i5? Can I get a significantly better graphics card for $200?

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  1. If you get a better GPU the increase for gaming will be far more substantial then if you get a better cpu.

    At least with that CPU, anyway. Although a CPU upgrade would help as well.

    Something like this: Radeon

    Or like this: Nivida

    Or this for exactly 200: (not counting shipping)

    There are other 7850's that are in the $170 range as well
  2. Changing procs is an option. So the better bang is

    G620/8gb/some $200 graphics

    Rather than
    i5/8gb/sapphire 1gb ddr5?
  3. ddr5 doesn't exists it's GDDR5 btw

    But yeah, I think for For the game you are talking about better graphics card would be the most substantial gain.

    Of course both is best.. i5 will make a difference too I'm sure, just not as much.

    That card you currently have is the one you crossfire with the Trinity APU A-10 series. It's about as good as the graphics the A-10 APU has as well. Newer more powerful graphics cards will do better.
  4. I'm working with a microATX so unfortunately in my case SLI isn't an option.

    Also unfortunately my AMD machine is older and it's an AM2 :( so I couldn't SLI _that_ on either...

    looks like a new graphics card is sounding better and better.
  5. AMD's version is Crossfire, btw. Is your micro to small for crossfire(with another 6670)?
  6. NoUserBar said:
    AMD's version is Crossfire, btw. Is your micro to small for crossfire(with another 6670)?

    No, I only have 1 pcie alot to deal with, three slots total and of course the card is double tall.

    I just ended up replacing my HD 6770 with a gtx560.

    Thanks for the input-
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