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Opinions On the Radeon 7970 In this build

Hey guys,

Was wondering what everyone's opinion on the Sapphire Radeon 7970.

Im going to be video editing, playing games, Battle field 3, cod, skyrim, etc. Doing homework, watchin youtube, using cinema 4d to make intros and backgrounds.

Im putting it in this build:
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    Very good card runs much cooler and quieter than the reference designed one.
    Why not bigger monitor? maybe 23"?
  2. Looks good. +1 to ilysaml's recommendation to get a bigger monitor.

    I've been pretty happy with my ASUS vh242h and it is only a couple bucks more after MIR:
  3. I think it should be fine mate :).
  4. alright! Any other opinions?
  5. It's a fine system but two suggestions:
    You might want to up the RAM to 16GB, video work gobbles it up-Get it while it's cheap!
    I'd also suggest a second hard drive, either in RAID with the Samsung or a 1 Tb unit for bulk storage.
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