ZOTAC GTX 680 and EVGA GTX 680 differences?

hi I was recommended buying an EVGA GTX 680 graphic card, but they are sold out everywhere. the only GTX 680 graphic card I can find is the ZOTAC GTX 680 are there any differences in their performance? because I don't mind paying a little extra for the ZOTAC, but if it is a worse graphic card or ZOTAC make bad hardware or something, then I won't buy it.

I hope someone can explain the differences, thanks. :)

and btw I live in Denmark, just so you don't come up and say "I found it here!" then link to an US site ^^
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  1. The difference is the stickers, and customer support. That's all.
  2. They are both reference designs, which means the only difference is whose sticker is slapped on the front, and what kind of warranty they offer. Both are good from what i have read.
  3. great then I guess I had nothing to worry about ^^ thanks alot
  4. Zotac is a great brand. I'd go with them personally.
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